Create Seamless Payment Experiences

GTI Switch introduces the future of payments in São Tomé and Principe, revolutionizing transactions across sectors by interconnecting all financial institutions and empowering mobile money, electronic banking, digital wallets, interoperability and digital payments.

Our solution simplifies financial transactions by enabling users to send and receive money, pay bills, and make purchases through their mobile phones. It eliminates the need for physical cash, making payments safer and more convenient.

This innovation empowers the unbanked and underbanked populations by granting them access to a secure and efficient financial ecosystem.


Financial Access

Our account opening, salary receipt, payment, credit, and insurance services make financial access easy in remote areas. We promote financial inclusion by helping people save, invest, and secure their finances.

Convenience and Efficiency

Our large digital payment activations make people's lives easier through online payment of bills, online shopping, and financial transactions with their phones. We eliminate cash handling risks and long queues, helping you to save time.

Broader Involvement

Powering digital payments equips more people to participate in the formal economy through a financial system that supports e-commerce, government benefit access, easy payment of statutory and tax, etc., leading to improved standards of living.

Security and Transparency

We are ISO 9001:2015, 22301:2019, 27001:2022, 20000-1:2018 certified. We believe transactions are tracked and recorded, reducing the risk of fraud and theft. We believe that transparency in digital transactions helps build trust among users.


Simplify Your Life; Money in, Money out, in Just a Few Clicks

  • Transfers
    Send money to friends and family members instantly, even if they are in different locations.
  • Bill Payments
    Pay bills such as utility bills, rent, tax, and school fees directly from your mobile wallet.
  • Payments
    Make payments at participating merchants, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, markets, marts and online shops, using your mobile wallets.
  • Airtime Top-Ups
    Recharge your mobile phone credit or buy data directly from your mobile wallets, making it easy to stay connected.
  • Bank Account Linking
    Link your mobile wallets to your bank accounts, providing flexibility in managing funds between different financial accounts.
  • International Remittances
    Receive money from relatives working abroad directly into their mobile wallets.
  • Cash Withdrawals
    Withdraw cash from your mobile wallets at authorized agents or ATMs, reducing the queues in the traditional banks.
  • Savings and Investments
    Earn interest on your balances or invest in other financial products right by mobile phone through your wallet.
  • Merchant Services
    As a merchant enjoy our mobile money acceptance solutions, including QR code payments and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices.
  • Financial Inclusion Initiatives
    Promoting financial inclusion by providing mobile money services to underserved populations.